East Providence CrossFit is New England’s newest fully functional group fitness and personal training facility. We are a 5,200 square-foot facility located in East Providence, between Providence and Barrington RI.

East Providence CrossFit is a product of a passion for fitness and helping people achieve personal success and growth! We have taken every last detail into consideration so that your experience is everything a dedicated member should expect.

The facility itself has amenities such as men’s and women’s changing rooms, showers and a bar area. East Providence CrossFit has been designed to be a cross-training playground. The floors are matted from wall to wall. There is an 80 foot racking system for heavy bags, rings, ropes, nets, suspension training, etc.

We have installed a Rogue Infinity Rig that is 24′ long which will accommodate squats, benching, shoulder press, and pull-ups. Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, utility benches, plyometric jump boxes, bumper plates, climbing ropes, Concept2 rowers, Schwinn cycles, tires, and a fully functional Cybex cable machine are some of the tools you will have to build a stronger, fitter and healthier you!

At East Providence CrossFit, we take a very gradual progressive approach to teaching and
implementing a specific program to suit your needs and reach your goals. The moment you walk through our doors you will know that you have entered a completely professional fitness environment. We take pride in having a quality facility and professional staff to help you reach your goals.

We offer a variety of classes including, CrossFit, personal training and nutritional guidance that are suitable for any level of fitness!

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